Friday, 1 March 2013

Adventure Time Crossover Tees for kids!

Good afternoon everyone!
I finally got the stencils on the shirts working, thus the AT crossovers were my first choice. Why? It's freaking awesome, that's why.
In this set there are 6 stencils;
(In order of left - right) Regular AT gang, Batman Time, Bonfire Time (Fall Out Boy Reference, how could I not?), Pok├ętime, Super AT Brothers, and Adventurama.
Of course with credits to the creators of the stencil pictures whom I do not know, but the mesh is EA. 
The base colour of the shirt is red, but the overall shirt and rim of collar and sleeves are recolourable.
The file is a package file and can go straight into your package folder right after download, no unzipping or extracting needed.
Hope you enjoy them! They're my favourite creation so far. 
Regular TOU, don't claim as your own and etc.
Happy Simming.

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