Monday, 28 January 2013

Band Posters!

With bands requested by some on Tumblr, some added by me, I present these new rock/alternative posters for your Sims' homes!

Including; Avenged Sevenfold, Awolnation, Death from Above, Fall out Boy, Hollywood Undead, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Paramore and The Used.

Don't reupload as your own, take credit, blah blah.
They come in Sims3Pack and Package form for whichever you prefer, and are all in one object. (Scroll through for the different pictures like you would a different default pattern on a bed or counter top.)

Hunger Games - Peace Keeper Promotion Poster

So since I've learned to make posters, I've made a lot.
One of my favourites is the Hunger Games based one, Peace Keepers using False Promotion, really.
It's in Sims3Pack and Package form for whichever you prefer, you just have to extract it.
It's simple, yet I still really like it. The frame is re-colourable like any frame anyway.
I hope you like it!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Panic! At The Disco Members Posters

I've finally learned to make posters/ pictures, so why not start with non other than my 5 favourite guys. Original members; Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Jon Walker and Spencer Smith. Jon and Ryan left, and the Panic! Guys to be joined by Ian and Dallon. 
Enough about their history, time for the posters!
Note: I forgot to include Jon's in the big preview, oops.

Ian Crawford
Ryan Ross

Brendon Urie
Spencer Smith

Dallon Weekes
Jon Walker
Download them here
They are Sims3Packs since for some reason they didn't work as package files.
 (For me anyway, I may test them as packages again some time.) 
Normal rules apply, don't claim as your own, reupload as your own.
Thank you, and enjoy!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sim - Aura McStanton - 300 Follower Tumblr Gift

 Aura McStanton!

This pretty Simmy is currently one of my favourites that I've made. I hope she's to your tastes too.

Her traits are;
  • Dramatic
  • Dislikes children
  • Proper
  • Dislikes the outdoors
  • Loves the heat

Her clothes are all through the launcher and will install with her, I only chose her everyday wear, everything else is randomized for you to choose as you wish.
Her favourites are: Indie music, cheese steak, and the colour red. Her star sign is a Scorpio. Her LTW is Swimming in cash. (Have 50,000 simoleons in the household fund)
Standard TOU applies, don’t claim as your own, credit if you use her, and please credit me (Essence of Essy, Essy, Kaleidoscopesims (My Tumblr name)) Or just link back. Much appreciations. x
Grab her here. She’s in a winzip pack, but both sims3pack and .sim file are in there for whichever you prefer.

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 Credits to the creators who I can’t identify myself.