Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sim - Aura McStanton - 300 Follower Tumblr Gift

 Aura McStanton!

This pretty Simmy is currently one of my favourites that I've made. I hope she's to your tastes too.

Her traits are;
  • Dramatic
  • Dislikes children
  • Proper
  • Dislikes the outdoors
  • Loves the heat

Her clothes are all through the launcher and will install with her, I only chose her everyday wear, everything else is randomized for you to choose as you wish.
Her favourites are: Indie music, cheese steak, and the colour red. Her star sign is a Scorpio. Her LTW is Swimming in cash. (Have 50,000 simoleons in the household fund)
Standard TOU applies, don’t claim as your own, credit if you use her, and please credit me (Essence of Essy, Essy, Kaleidoscopesims (My Tumblr name)) Or just link back. Much appreciations. x
Grab her here. She’s in a winzip pack, but both sims3pack and .sim file are in there for whichever you prefer.

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 Credits to the creators who I can’t identify myself.  

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